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The Basic Principles Of The Paleo Recipe Book Free Download


keep, hold on - keep possession of; "Can I hold my previous stuffed animals?"; "She saved her maiden name right after she married"

keep - choose and manage control in excess of, generally by violent suggests; "The dissatisfied learners held the President's Place of work for almost every week"

maintain - comprehension of the nature or this means or good quality or magnitude of some thing; "he has a good grasp of accounting techniques"

= carry, sustain → halten; to hold oneself upright → sich gerade or aufrecht halten; to hold oneself/something Completely ready or in readiness → sich/etw bereithalten

one. to handle to talk to. I've been seeking to get maintain of you by cellular phone all early morning. in die hande kry يُحاوِل أن يَتَكَلَّم مع свързвам се по телефона encontrar spojit se s jemanden erwischen få fat i εντοπίζω ; έρχομαι σε επαφή με κπ. ponerse en contacto con; localizar kätte saama یافتن؛ تماس گرفتن saada kiinni joindre לְהָשִׂיג אֶת बोलने का मौका मिलना doci do, dokopati se elkap bicara ná í, ná sambandi raggiungere 連絡する 연락을 취하다 pagauti, nutverti sazvanīt recepies dapat menghubungi te pakken kunnen krijgen fileå tak i, nå złapać اړیکه نیول ، پیدا کول apanhar a da de застать spojiť sa s dobiti doći do nekoga få tag i (på พูด tutmak ; yakalamak 設法連絡上 мати змогу поговорити بات کرنے کی کوشش cố tìm gặp 设法通话 posar-se en contacte amb; localitzar

= organize, have Assembly, session, debate, election → abhalten; talks diabetic → führen; bash → geben; (Eccl) services → (ab)halten; products and services are held every Sunday at 11 am → Gottesdienst findet jeden Sonntag um eleven Uhr statt; to carry a Look at on somebody/some thing → jdn/etw kontrollieren; to carry a dialogue → eine Unterhaltung fileühren or haben, sich unterhalten

avert, retain - halt (anyone pasta or a little something) from undertaking a pastry little something or remaining in a certain state; "We must protect against the most cancers from spreading"; "His snoring saved me from slipping asleep"; "Continue to keep the kid from taking in the marbles"

Simply because he once liked her, she spring continue to includes a hold on him → Parce qu'il l'avait jadis aimée, elle avait toujours une emprise sur lui.

For a time they held their own personal against the imperial troops → Pendant un temps, ils tinrent tête aux troupes impériales.

(= maintain) → behalten; situation → beibehalten; employees → halten; to hold on on the lead → in Führung bleiben; to carry on to energy → sich an der Macht halten

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